ShopDisney now in Europe

As of today, 1st August 2018,  all european Disney Store websites have become known as ShopDisney.

This exciting change now (hopefully) means two things. Firstly more variety in the online store itself, there has long been way too  much of a gap between the offerings on the American store and the European ones, more variety, more on offer is what the fans clamour for.

Secondly, more park specific merchandise. Whilst the Disney store did in the past have some park merch it was few and far between and nowhere near on the scale of the American site with how the native parks are represented there.

From the look of the redesigned site it’s definitely more refined and searching for specific character merch is alot easier.  There’s also now a big presence for none Disney brands that just use licences such as Clarks and LEGO which is great to see. Currently the Disneyland Paris items on offer are quite varied and allow you to pick up a range of  things you might want before your park visit such as Minnie Ears or autograph books, they also afford you the opportunity to order something directly to your house that you might have seen in the park but either didn’t jump on at the time or didn’t want to carry it home.

Here’s hoping the range grows and grows and we can get some of the more exclusive Disney items as well such as pins, American park merch or even more non Disney brands like Her Universe

You can visit the store for your specific country from the below links  / .fr  / .de  / .it  / .es

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