disneyland paris Pin Trading

Pin trading

Trading pins can be a fun way to connect with fellow Disney nerds and show your love of a character, season or park. These pins are tradeable at all Disney parks around the world.

Also at each park any cast member wearing a lanyard with pins would be happy to swap just go and ask them. Some even make a game of it by having their pins reversed and either having you blind swap or answer Disney Trivia to get a look at them.

Each month there are a number of limited release pins to collect. To anticipate the releases at the start of the month Disneyland Paris gives us a poster. Here you will find this month’s poster first and all of those previously released in order.

You will see on each poster the date of release and the amount of pins available… get hunting.

Trading Post

At the back of Frontierland near Pocahontas Indian Village is Pueblo Trading Post and is your main stop for Pin Trading at Disneyland Park. Unfortunately it now only seems to open on Saturdays from 10h00 to 17h00 and on other days during the summer sporadically.

When is it open then inside you’ll find the only trading board in DLP and can buy all the latest pin releases and limited editions as well as other bits like vinylmation, statues and lanyards. Outside you’ll find alot of pin traders displaying their wares on the picnic benches.

Any other day of the week the shop is closed and it instead masked in a large cloud of cigarette smoke, so you’d be better heading to Harrington’s on Main Street for your pin fix.



You’ll notice on some of the posters from October 2018 onwards that certain limited edition pins listed come with a “Reservation Lineberty” stamp.

This means that to get these pins you need to make a virtual reservation with the Lineberty app, much like with character meets in Walt Disney Studios Park. You can info on how this works in our post here.

Download the Lineberty App for your phone and make your reservation from 6pm two days before the sale.