As with most major theme parks Disneyland Paris offers a FASTPASS system to help you get on rides quicker by avoiding lengthy queues that might be in place..

To do this they employ two options, free and paid, with the paid version then having it’s own tiered system . Both have their advantages and depending on your situation one may suit you be better than the other.

Rides with FASTPASS in place are currently; 

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril  –  Hyperspace Mountain –  Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast –  Big Thunder Mountain  –  Peter Pan’s Flight –  Star Tours –  Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster –  The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror –  Flying Carpets over Agrabah  –  Ratatouille: The Adventure

the free version

Free to use with every park ticket or pass is the standard park FASTPASS system. This sysytem works on issuing a certain number of passes per half an hour slot, these progress through the day until all are sold out. 

Participating attractions have a number of kiosks next to the entrance which will always show the current return time for FASTPASS tickets. If the time is to your liking then you an simply approach the kiosk and tap your park ticket to the screen, you’ll then be issued a pass for the alloted time.

To use the pass simply return to the FASPASS entrance of the attraction at some point in your alloted slot and you’ll skip the current line.

TIP: You can only have one FASPASS on your ticket active at any one time so try and get them as early as you can, that way you won’t be stuck waiting for that one ride at 5pm and not be able to book anymore.

the paid version

Disneyland Paris recently introduced a paid version of their fastpass sytem which would allow to get on the rides quickly and as they need to. 

The prices can seem a little steep for what is available but this offering is ideal for the person who may only visit the park rarely or maybe even only that one time. Meaning they don’t have to miss out on riding something just because the queue is too long or the regular fast pass tickets have gone for the day.

The prices are dependant on if that day is deemed high or low season (see the table at the bottom of the page) with each pass being a one time user per ride unless you get the black pass which unlimited for whole duration.

Fastpass tickets are available to purchase online in advance or at the dedicated ticketing  counters at the entrance to both Disneyland Paris  Parks.

TIP: Book in advance if you can because there are a limited number of passes available per day

The Fastpass Kiosk at the entrance to Disneyland Park