Frozen 2 Teaser Trailer Released

Not bad for a teaser without a single piece of dialogue.

Also here is the first teaser poster for Frozen 2 which literally gives nothing away about this film… unless those symbols in the snowflake mean something.

The video starts off with what seems like Elsa trying to better understand her powers or improve them by fighting against the ocean…..or is she getting some kind of revenge against it for killing her parents, I for one look forward to a Batman vigilante style Elsa.

…anyway back to the trailer…

We then move to seeing Anna looking out over the castle courtyard destressed by lots of floaty snow crystal looking things, has Elsa lost control of her powers again? We quickly cut to Kristoff and Sven leading a herd of raindeer through a forest for some reason. Back to Anna who is looking lost and cold (again) but this time in some slightly warmer mountains where she looks like she’s attempting to find something.

Then we’re back to Elsa protecting Olaf from some pink fire in a forest, where we next see some invisible force attack two new characters a younger girl and boy. Here is where we also end our first look with our heroes surveying an autumnal landscape and the teaser ends with Anna protecting the group with a sword from something unknown chasing after them.

Overall the teaser doesn’t give much away but does make you want more…so job well done Disney i guess. I look forward to seeing more later in the year.

As a serperate note, I just hope they release a poster for this anywhere near as good as the French teaser posters for the first film;

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