Enhancements – Phantom Manor, Tower of Terror, Ratatouille

At the recent InsidEars event Disney gave an update on a couple of pieces of work taking place around the parks in the coming months;

Phantom Manor

The refurbishment of Phantom Manor is well underway and not only is the attraction being given a lick of paint but it’s getting a whole rework inside as well, scenes, effects and story are all being worked on. Check out the below video where we get a peek at what’s being worked on.The Manor will reopen this Autumn

Tower of Terror

You may have noticed that Tower of Terror looks a bit…well..crumbly. Most of that is by design obviously, however some of it is actually due to decaying concrete and that can be dangerous. If you walk around the back of the building particularly you’ll notice steel mesh bolted over some of the cracks on the facade to catch anything that might fall. Soon the building will be covered in scaffolding and a tarp as it receives a refurb. Just don’t be expecting the Guardians of the Galaxy makeover at this point.



Despite not being open that many years, just 3 to be precise, the ride is due to go down for a few months from September to December and receive a bif of work, particularly with regards to its foundations. Word has it that the floor has subsided in places and this is now bad enough that it needs to be addressed and all the concrete needs to be replaced.


Big Thunder Mountain

Despite a huge refurb last year there are a few problems for the Big Thunder Mountain Railway, the trains often seem to be causing issues and load times seem to sometimes have a bottleneck. Also since the work done some of the effects are either not working properly or breaking. Rest assured Imagineers are on the case and the hope is to have the problems sorted out soon.


Mark Twain Paddle Steamer

The boat had almost fallen into ruin but it’s dry docked and covered and plans are underway to have it cruising the lake around Big Thunder Mountain again by 2020.

The boat hasn’t been used since 2011 and the only glimpse we get of it is when the Molly Brown has to use the dock for a repair. So it’s well overdue a return.


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