Disneyland Paris – #WhereMagicGetsReal

Disneyland Paris have dropped a new advert and campaign centered on the phrase Where Magic Gets Real.

In it we see a duckling find a Donald Duck comic book and (like us all) instantly starts worshiping him as the hero and role model he is. Unfortunatley it’s time for the duck family have to leave their home and the little duckling can’t take the comic with him because he’s so tiny and cute and his little beak cannot carry it. The family encounter a huge storm whislt flying and have to land to take cover overnight where they huddle for warmth. But don’t worry folks, once the rain subsides and mornign breaks little duck steps out of the bush and to it’s surprise they have landed at Disneyland Paris and who should be there to great them but the king himself Donald Duck.

It’s a very well done advert and we’re all left with that warm feeling inside and can clearly agree that at Disneyland Paris magic is real.

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