Disneyland Paris gets Magic Pass

Whilst it’s not quite a magicband just yet the Magic Pass has arrived at Disneyland Paris.

They’ve been in testing for a few months at select Hotels but it looks like we’re finally ready for a full-scale rollout.

The video above helps explain how they work. They’re a contactless card much like the park tickets at Walt Disney World that instead of just park tickets also act as your hotel room key and meal plan voucher and show tickets.

You’ll find them in use at Disney’s Hotel New York, Disney’s Newport Bay Club, Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne and Disneyland Hotel with the rollout completed to the rest of the resort and partner hotels this summer.

No word on what this means for annual passes yet, but hopefully newly issues cards will be able to be contactless as well. It would be great to only have to carry around one card and have it serve for everything you need.

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