Delays and Cost Cutting on Refurbishments

Delays and Cost Cutting on Refurbishments

It seems like in an effort to boost those all important financial figures being reported back to the parent company each quarter Disneyland Paris is taking the decision to delay the reopening of attractions.

Disneyland Railroad

This week it has come to light that the Disneyland Railroad will not reopen this spring, or even this summer as it was previously stated. The railway has been closed since 2018 whilst construction went into full swing on the Frontierland Theatre, this is right next to the train line and train station there.

However with the theatre due to reopen shortly to host the new Lion King show for the summer, the Railroad will not reopen with itm, there is no reason behind this except costs. The new re-opening schedule is now apparently September, well after the busy Summer months that could really benefit from having the train in operation.

In my opinion this is really a blow for the park as the Railway at DLP is one of the best, the view are excellent compared with Magic Kingdom for example and the fact there are four stops really made it a viable way to get around the park. However in recent times there has only been one train running meaning stupidly high wait times even in low seasons. Where as the American parks have regular services with multiple trains.


This Discoveryland attraction has been closed for a while now for a deep refurbishment however we are now hearing that the attraction will not now be open until the end of the year, months after it was initially due to be back.


A Staple of Fantasyland the Dumbo ride was in need of its yearly service, however for one reason or another the ride will not open in June as scheduled but instead on 21st July, which is well into the high season where this type of attraction would haves been a big draw for crowds and help with that capacity.

Whether these other delays are also financial we don’t know, but it’s always troubling to lose beloved attractions for longer than is needed.

In addition Alice’s Curious Labyrinth is due to start a renovation in mid-June meaning a large part of Fantasyland is off limits for the height of the summer months.

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