Dear DLP: Disney Junior Live on Stage!

Today let’s talk about the live attraction Disney Junior Live on Stage! Based in Walt Disney Studios Park in Production Courtyard.

So it’s important to note that at the time of writing my daughter is two years old. I know she might be on the young side of the target audience but I feel this is still relevant. She’s watched Disney Junior ever since she first realised what a television does. So it was pretty clear she’d be interested if I took her to see this show. At least that’s what I thought.

I’d first just like to point out that I always thought It was nice that Disneyland Paris offer their shows in both English and French. I chose an appropriate timed English language showing and we walked into the first room. It starts out well enough with a small dance party with a huge projection screen playing music from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffin’s, Jake and the Neverland Pirates…all my daughter’s favourites. So she starts wiggling along to the music and jumping up and down just as all the other kids seem to be until it’s time to go into the main showroom.

We all sit in front of the stage and are greeted by a cast member who sets up the premise of the show. The gang from Mickey Mouse clubhouse are celebrating Minnie’s birthday and they need to decorate so they visit their other Disney Junior friends to help out with this. The story is told through the use of puppets and the cast member playing the role guides the audience along in singing and dancing with the puppets.

So when we see Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Daisy my daughter is transfixed. She loves Clubhouse and squeals with delight when it’s time to dance to the songs she knows. However we quickly move on to the other Disney Junior shows and that’s where I have an issue. The other shows are Handy Manny (released 2006-2013), Little Einsteins (2005-2009) and My Friends Tigger & Pooh (2007-2010).

None of these shows have even been on Disney Junior in the two years that my daughter has been watching it. I’d never even heard of two of them. She knows who Tigger and Pooh are but without a prior reference she’s not interested. After the Clubhouse segment showed up I spent the rest of the show trying to get her to dance or pay attention but she’d really lost interest, she didn’t know who the characters were and as anyone with a child knows when you lose a toddler’s interest for more than a minute then you’re done. The bubbles and falling glitter leaves were the only things that slightly distracted her from trying to run out of the room but then that was all she focused from that point, the characters didn’t even get a look.

My main disappointment here is that I saw a video on Youtube of the American version of this show and naively that’s what I’d expected we were going to be watching. This one features Doc McStuffinsSofia the First etc…so is far more relevant and would have entertained my daughter throughout.

so with that said…

Dear DLP,

With regards to Disney Junior Live on Stage! Is there a reason why this show is so outdated? It can’t be that hard to swap over to the same version as the American Parks can it? Is there a cost issue for the puppets and a French translation? How long is it going to stay this way? Most of the kids who know the content from unchanged 2008 show are now nearly teenagers.

As one of the main attractions for under 5’s in this park and to give those of us stupid enough to take a toddler to a theme park a good 15 minute break I think it’s time this attraction got some love.

Kind Regards


This show is very much out of date and needs change badly. As a family we have no reason to see it again until something new is added.

Dear DLP is a series of articles for topics that we feel are worthy of being addressed by Disneyland Paris. Small rants but hopefully highlighting areas of the resort that could be improved to provide a better guest experience.

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