25th Anniversary Grand Finale Program


The Program for The Grand Finale of the 25th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris has been released. The night is a reserved ticket event for Infinity Annual Pass members that sold out in a few days. It takes place September 7 2018.


Make way for the party!
Mickey has invited all his friends to prepare for the 25th Anniversary Grand Final!
20h45 – Place des Stars

The Grand Final
Join Mickey and his friends to close the 25th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris.
00h30 – Arrival by the road of the Parade, then show Place des Stars

The unforgettable moments of the 25th Anniversary
The 2 ambassadors of Disneyland Paris will present a video on the best moments of the 25th anniversary.
21h00 / 22h00 / 22h25 / 23h00 / 23h25 – Place des Stars

The 25th Anniversary Flashmob
Dance, sing along with the Cast Members of Disneyland Paris and smile for the souvenir photo!
22h10 / 23h05 – Place des Stars

The Magic Walk of Disney Characters
Be ready to welcome Mickey’s guests to the Grand Final.
21h30 / 21h45 / 22h30 / 23h30 – Route of the Parade and Place des Stars

Meetings with Disney Characters

Mickey and his friends dressed in their best costumes in the colors of the 25th anniversary.

In front of Art of Disney Animation
Mickey and Pluto: 21h15 -21h45 / 22h15-22h45 / 23h15-23h45
Minnie: 21h45 – 22h15 / 22h45 – 23h15 / 23h45 – 00h00

Next to Animagique Theater
Goofy:21h15 -21h45 / 22h15-22h45 / 23h15-23h45
Max:21h45-22h15 / 22h45-23h15 / 23h45-00h00

Toon Plaza
Chip and Dale: 21h15 -21h45 / 22h15-22h45 / 23h15-23h45
Clarisse: 21h45-22h15 / 22h45-23h15 / 23h45-00h00

Toon Plaza
Donald: 21h15 -21h45 / 22h15-22h45 / 23h15-23h45
Daisy: 21h45-22h15 / 22h45-23h15 / 23h45-00h00

Hollywood Boulevard
Oswald and Ortensia: Continuous from 21:15 to 00:00

Perrier Terrace
Kuzco: 21h15 -21h45 / 22h15-22h45 / 23h15-23h45
Yzma: 21h45-22h15 / 22h45-23h15 / 23h45-00h

Animagic Theater
Elsa and Olaf: 21h15 -21h45 / 22h15-22h45 / 23h15-23h45
Anna and Christophe: 21h45-22h15 / 22h45-23h15 / 23h45-00h00

In front of Armageddon
Mary Poppins and Bert: 21h15-22h00 / 22h15-23h00 / 23h15-00h00

Place de Rémy
Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz: 22h15-22h45 / 23h15-23h45

Note: Disney characters will not sign autographs during the evening. You will be able to take 1 personal photo and the Disney PhotoPass+ photographers will also take one.

Attractions open during the evening…

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster
Crush’s Coaster
RC Racer
Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop
Slinky Dog Zigzag

all open from 21h00 – 00h15 (Tower of Terror will close at 23h30)

Restaurant en Coulisse – 21h00 pm to 00h30
Chalets des Rendez-vous Gourmands – 21h00  to 22h30

Hope all of you attending have a great evening.

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